As part of our luxury 5* service at Chalet Spa Verbier, we always hope to meet our clients health and wellbeing requirements. For the majority of our clients, Chalet Spa Verbier provides an ideal location to relax, recover and take time out from their busy lives. Occasionally we have guests who arrive for a different type of recovery. In January, we had a client who arrived with a serious sports injury in her left ankle which had caused her to withdraw from her competitive sport. Unable to ski with the others in the group and in need of rehabilitation and a more positive outlook, we were able to facilitate some daily sessions of sports physiotherapy.

With motivational music playing in the spa, the client worked hard to rehabilitate, starting with daily focus sessions in the massage room for an assessment of the ankle. The gym provided a private space to work on some gentle movement, and initially the floor mats and bands were used to work on strength and stability. As the days progressed, the client moved out to the fitness terrace and started working with the medicine balls and a small trampoline. Each evening a sports physiotherapist came in to provide treatment to decrease the swelling and aid recovery. With the Chalet Spa team also lending collective support to the client, her recovery continued and we hope that she gets back to her sport fully recovered soon.