Special features

The comfortable and elegant spa setting includes a healthcare corner where a la carte massages are provided by a team of carefully selected experienced therapists. We can also arrange yoga, pilates and physiotherapy within the comfort of our luxury Spa. The yoga terrace alongside the jacuzzi provides spectacular Alpine views and is a popular workout zone for clients.

Bio-sauna, swim against current & jacuzzi pool seat

A sauna, swim against current and jacuzzi pool set help create the perfect balance between beauty and relaxation.

Canadian Cedar wood hot tub

The Canadian Cedar wood hot tub benefits from underwater massage jets and relaxing mood lights. Uninterrupted mountain views and the option to enjoy music from the ‘rock speakers’ make this a very relaxing and enjoyable area for guests.

Indoor Gym and Outdoor Fitness Terrace

The Spa offers a modern fitness room fitted with ‘cardio training’ Technogym equipment. In addition, there is an external fitness terrace with a Schwinn spinner, Concept 2 rowing machine, a dumb bell stack and bench. Equipment such as a TRX to improve core strength and stability, skipping ropes, pilates stretch bands and gym balls are all available to improve general wellbeing and fitness.

Indoor heated Swimming Pool with Siemens Purification System

Unique features of the indoor swimming pool:

  • 10 metres designer pool.
  • The pool is heated to between 29 and 31 degrees celsius.
  • The pool has a water purification process that uses alloy electrodes, and eliminates the need for strong chemicals to be added to the water.
  • Copper, zinc, and silver are used to destroy bacteria, germs, viruses, fungi and microbes. The trace elements derived from this purification technique are beneficial to the users of the pool, and they are currently widely used by the pharmacopoeia as copper, zinc and silver show preventative and curative properties.

Spectacular Views, Ambient Lighting, Relaxing Music, Water Games and Drinks Bar

The full size ‘window wall’ at the end of the pool allows for a landscape view of the terrace, garden and mountains beyond. In the evening, the underwater and fibre optic lights further enhance the relaxed, opulent feeling of the spa.

A large selection of swimming aids, goggles, kick boards and more are available to be enjoyed in the pool.

A selection of cool fresh drinks are always available in the bar area of the Spa.