Our treatments

Our team of highly professional and experienced therapists are always on hand to meet your treatment requirements.

Our more popular treatments include:

Sports Massage

A classic therapy designed to contribute towards recovery and relaxation after sport activities by giving the muscles an in-depth targeted treatment.

Swedish Massage

A variant of the sports massage, the Swedish massage has a lighter touch, designed to gently loosen and relax the muscles.

Deep Tissue & Joint Repair Massage

This massage takes into account injury and the recovery process and is a targeted treatment. A bespoke programme on a specific area of the body or a full deep tissue massage is tailored to your needs.

Relaxation Massage

Using a choice of natural oils, this treatment will relax and encourage tranquility and a deep sense of wellbeing. An all over body therapy which lasts one hour.

De-Stress Massage

Using a choice of natural oils, this massage is designed to clear the mind and relieve stress, encouraging concentration and instilling a sense of calmness.

Hot Stone Therapy

Hot stones are placed on the body’s lines of energy calming the senses and warming the body. Slowly, in circular movements the therapist will begin to use the basalt stones to relax and massage the key muscle groups.

Personal training in our gym or outdoors on the terrace or mountain

Personal trainers are also available for those that wish to follow or kick start a training program.

Yoga or Pilates on our terrace with spectacular views

Professional and experienced yoga and pilates instructors can be reserved for 1-1 training or group sessions.

International stylists and makeovers

We can also access international stylists to advise on personal makeovers, specialist hairdressers or specialist therapists from Geneva or other international cities.


Our healthcare and beauty treatments are tailored to each individual guest. Where possible, we arrange your appointments in advance of your stay to ensure your requirements are fulfilled. Early booking helps to ensure the right therapist for the treatment required.

If early booking is not possible, It may be sufficient to request a therapist to be available between specified set hours each day of your stay. 4 – 7pm is always a popular time for massage and you can decide who will enjoy a treatment of choice on the day.

Our massage therapies are provided in the comfort of our therapy room.