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Chaplin’s World is a unique venue dedicated to the life and work of the legendary Charlie Chaplin.

One of the 20th century’s most celebrated artists, Charlie Chaplin settled along the Swiss Riviera where he lived for many years with his wife and ever growing family.

Chaplin’s world offers an exciting mix of entertainment and culture, taking you on a journey back in time to Chaplin’s earliest silent movies and particular display of slapstick comedy. Unique exhibits and clips with interactive displays have bought Chaplin’s magnificent family home back to life, and allow a greater understanding of the motivation behind some of Chaplin’s great work. Originally known as Le Manoir de Ban, Chaplin’s World is nestled between the mountains and lake and provides a truly memorable day out.

A huge film studio in the Manors Park has some nice surprises and many of the awards that were bestowed on Chaplin as well as letters of encouragement and support to him are on display. When you have finished with the Manor House and the Film Studio, there is a tearoom as well as a restaurant with al fresco seating.

Activity: Family home of Charlie Chaplin, Visit & experience the family home, Learn about the family history and why he left America to live in Switzerland
Location: Vevey
When: All year
Distance: 1 hour by car, 15 minutes by helicopter

The Lavaux is a region in Western Switzerland consisting of 830 hectares of terraced vineyards that stretch about 30km along the South facing shores of Lake Geneva.

The vineyards have listed status as a UNESCO World Heritage site, and provide a living ‘cultural landscape’ to an authentic history of wine growing that began in the 11th century.

It is possible to tour Lavaux by car or on foot and there is also a little train which runs through much of the region. There are numerous wine producing cellars offering tastings of local vintages, some of which are now internationally recognised.

The beauty of the area, overlooking Lac Leman and France in the distance is very inspirational and unique.

Activity: Cultural experience in the famous Swiss mountain vineyards UNESCO world heritage site
Location: Montreux Riviera
When: All year
Distance: 1 hour by car, 15 minutes by helicopter

Montreux Casino stands on the shoreline of Lake Geneva. Built in 1881, it played host to many great symphony orchestras and well known conductors throughout the twentieth century. By the late 1960’s, jazz, blues, and rock artists had begun to perform at the Casino.

In December 1971, Frank Zappa was in the middle of a concert when the casino caught fire after a fan shot a flare gun into the auditorium. The Casino was destroyed by the fire and soon afterwards, Deep Purple wrote and released their famous hit ‘Smoke on the Water’ about the incident.

The Casino was rebuilt and now offers an opportunity to try your luck on 377 slot machines or 24 gaming tables, or to enjoy dining in any of its three elegant restaurants.

Activity: Gambling
Location: Montreux
When: All year
Distance: 50 minutes by car

Kasperskian caviar is said to be one of the purest and unequalled gastronomic luxuries.

This product is produced by experts of ‘Caviar with Life’, operating within the strict approved International legal standards of Caviar production.

For millions of years, the Swiss Rhone was a natural habitat for sturgeon. Then the dams were built and the sturgeon in the area became critically endangered.

Chalet Spa Verbier are delighted to support Kaperskians efforts to reintroduce sturgeon to the Valais region. Whether you enjoy your caviar with champagne, a light white wine or a vodka, we are sure you will agree Kasperskian Caviar is a delicious delicacy.

Activity: Experience a real working Caviar farm, See the famous Kasperskian Sturgeon, Experience the purest of sparkling crystal-clear Swiss mountain water, Helicopter flight with Caviar & Champagne picnic
Location: Rhone Valley
When: All year
Distance: 1 hour by car, 15 minutes by helicopter