In May 2017, we were delighted to host a selection of like-minded friends, clients and business partners to experience a unique dinner party presented by Daphne Cheng ( with whom Chalet Spa Verbier is delighted to be collaborating for her hosted dinner party project, Superhuman ( For a radio interview with Daphne Cheng by Kat Cullen of World Radio Switzerland (WRS), click here.

The food was the centre piece of the show, and the evening’s journey through six courses of deliciously prepared Vegan dishes bought the group together for a lively engaging experience.

Daphne Cheng is an international celebrity chef, famed for hosting private dinner parties that showcase her plant-based cuisine. As a world leader in vegan sustainable cuisine, Daphne has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, NY magazine and Vogue, as well as many Chinese media outlets including Xinhua News, Modern Lady and Cosmopolitan China. Daphne has also presented at the James Beard Foundation in New York, Parley for Oceans in the Maldives, Seeds and Chips with Barack Obama in Milan and Green Monday Forum in Hong Kong.

At Chalet Spa Verbier, we strive to offer world class organic cuisine using the best ingredients Switzerland has to offer, so working with Daphne Cheng and learning about her Superhuman business initiative can only be a positive collaboration.

Daphne’s hosted dinner parties have inspired over 15,000 influential guests such as Vera Wang, Alec Baldwin, Lea Michele, Taylor Swift and Philip Glass. The focus of Superhuman is to get more people eating healthy organic and most importantly sustainable food. Having recently moved from New York to Shanghai, Daphne Cheng’s first flagship restaurant, Uptown, will open soon in the new arts district of Shanghai. Uptown, Beijing will open later in the year and some 100 restaurants are scheduled to follow in the next 3 years.

Already enjoying a cult following, Daphne Cheng markets to the millennials using social media and as one of the few Chinese female chefs who dares to follow her passion, she provides inspiration to many. Over the next year, Daphne will run an international series of hosted dinner parties which will be aired on Chinese television from a variety of epic locations around the world. These will include venues such as Beijing, London, New York, Bogota, Cape Town, Delhi, Dubai, Florence and of course, Verbier in the Swiss Alps.

We look forward to Daphne’s return to Chalet Spa Verbier and feel grateful for the opportunity to be part of Daphne’s journey.